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Smart Lift Roller Shade

Smart Lift roller shades provide a clean, contemporary look with excellent window light control.


  • More robust clutches are used to accommodate United Shade Contract's larger diameter roller tube, giving it the added advantage of providing longer life, better functioning, hassle-free shade operation. All our products are engineered and designed to endure the toughest conditions in either institutional or residential environments.
  • Smart Lift shades see-through fabric provides a sheer linen look with various light and color choices, offering a good window view while bringing a degree of comfortable, energy-saving shade along with special color to complement your room decor.
  • The Smart Lift shade is easy to operate using different control options:
    • It can be motorized by switch or remote control, for either single or multiple shades, compatible with most home and commercial building automation systems.
    • Pull chain.
  • Sleek, aluminum fabric-covered valance available for any control option.
  • Available with single or dual rollers to allow a blackout option as well.
  • All shades custom made and very affordable — an excellent value for a wide range of shade needs.
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Manufacturer Limited Warranty

United Shade Contract hereby warrants all Smart Lift Roller Shade components and materials furnished and work performed in the project in accordance with the contract documents, and, authorized modifications will be under a complete limited warranty, under the following time-frames as follows:

Material Workmanship                        (5) Years

Clutch System                                     Limited Lifetime

Motors                                                  (5) Years

Motor Electronics                                (2) Years

The limited warranty takes effect from date of shipment should any defect develop during the warranty period due to improper material, workmanship or under normal usage. 

Furthermore, it needs to be fully understood, the limited warranty does not cover defects that are a result from misuse, improper installation, or failure to follow operation and care instructions and this warranty also, does not apply to conditions resulting from normal wear and tear. In addition, this limited warranty does not apply to installation costs and does not cover claims for incidental or consequential damages of any kind. United Shade Contract shall not be liable for inconvenience, labor, loss of time, maintenance, removal or reinstallation of the Products or other incidental, special or consequential damages arising in relation to the purchase or use of the Products.

THIS SHALL BE YOUR SOLE REMEDY UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. If this product is found to have a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship; we will (United Shade Contract’s discretion) do one of the following:

·       Repair the product

·       Replace the product

·       Issue Credit

United Shade Contract will repair without charge, any and all products, which under normal use become defective in material or workmanship during the warranty periods. Under the terms of this limited warranty, from the date of shipment commercial and residential applications will be guaranteed for periods no longer than the terms noted.

It should be realized colors vary from lot  and may not exactly match sample swatch or previous purchases.  Discontinued items or color selections will be replaced with the closest equivalent current product.

To obtain service, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product.  United Shade Contract will work with the dealer to repair or replace defective parts or components with similar or like parts at no charge. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only, in the original window for which it was intended.


This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state. Some states do not allow limitations on how long a warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply. This limited warranty, version 1.11RS, supersedes any previous versions.


  Single Shade System Dual Shade System
Lift Choices Motorized, Manual - Pull Chain/Clutch, Cordless SmartRise lift system Motorized or Manual - Pull Chain/Clutch
Controls Remote or Wall Switch Remote or Wall Switch
Bottom Rail Option Internal Heat Seamed &  External Metal Internal Heat Seamed & External Metal
Blackout Option Yes Yes
Fascia Options

White, Alabaster, Gray, Bronze, Black

3˝ or 4˝ Square or Curved

White, Alabaster, Gray, Bronze, Black

4˝ Square



The first step to creating beautiful custom window treatments is recording accurate measurements.

*Record all measurements in inches and fractions of an inch, to the nearest 1/8”.

*Record measurements clearly and completely. Check and record all necessary information while on the job site. Do not rely on memory for details concerning measurements, obstructions such as handles, irregular trim, locks or out of square windows.

Step 1: Determine if shade will be mounted inside window opening (inside mount) or outside window opening (outside mount).
Step 2:

Recording your measurements. When recording your measurements you will always list the width measurement (side to side) first then the length measurement. (top to bottom) (Example for a 24” wide by 36” length shade would look like this: 24” x 36”) Recording your measurements correctly is a critical component in the ordering process, if the measurements are not in the correct sequence the shade will not be built correctly.

Step 3:

Measuring for inside mount shades.

  • Measure the width dimension first 
  • Measure the length dimension next 
  • Record both dimensions, width first then length (width x length)
  • The required deductions are taken at the factory.  The deductions for Inside Mount shades will include 1/8" to insure the fit within the window opening.  Total fabric width will be 1-1/2" less than the window opening width.
Step 4:

Measuring for outside mount shades

  • Measure width dimension first (Figure A on illustration)
    Note: Add 1-1/2” to your width dimension to allow mounting brackets to clear window frame and give enough fabric width to cover opening.
  • Measure the length dimension next (Figure B on illustration)
    Note: If shade is going to sit above window be sure to include this in your length measurement.
  • Record both dimensions, Width first then length (Width x Length)• No end bracket deductions will be taken for Outside Mount shades.  A 1- 3/8” deduction will be taken for fabric and tube widths. (Your window covering or fabric will be 11/16 “  less on both ends)






















Roller Shade Installation

Note: **For Roller Shades with Standard Mounting Brackets, use Steps 1 thru 3. For Roller Shades with Fascia, use Steps 1 thru 5.

Tools Required:
Pliers for Ball stops install
Carpenters level
Measuring tape
Power drill and drill bits
Screwdrivers or bits for drill

Starting installation: *The surface you are mounting shade on must be solid enough to support the weight of shade and tension created by operation of chain operated clutch. *Surface must be level or allow you to install mounting brackets level to each other.

STEP 1: Installing Mounting Brackets

There are two mounting brackets for each shade. One for the clutch end (has three rectangle shapes in center of bracket), and one for the idle end (has one circle shape in center of bracket). Position idle end bracket on correct side of opening in which you are mounting shade. Attach bracket using fasteners designed for surface you are mounting on. A minimum of two fasteners per bracket is recommended.

Refer to label on shade for shade width measurement, width will be the first number listed on label. Keeping that width in mind, measure from outside surface of bracket you just installed and mark position for next bracket.Shade must be positioned with chain hanging straignt down.  Position clutch end bracket at your mark and secure with fasteners.

STEP 2: Mounting Shade:

Position shade with fabric going over the top of roll and down the back side. The clutch side of the shade should line up with the clutch mounting bracket if they do not match the shade roll is backwards or you have not mounted the brackets correctly. When shade and brackets are lined up correctly you should insert the spring loaded idle end into the mounting bracket and push gently to compress spring. Then swing clutch end of shade into mounting bracket, line up the hook and nubs on the clutch with the bracket, insert into bracket and pull down gently to lock shade to bracket. Shade is now ready to operate. Remove shrink wrap from shade roll. Remove chain from bag. Allow chain to drop into its natural position. If you are using fascia mounting brackets, you need to install the chain guide at this time. Refer to parts drawing for correct positioning of parts. Insert the two screws provided to secure chain guide.

Safety Tension Device will be provided on all United Shade roller shades to meet new safety regulations and standards. Fix the tension device to the wall or window frame with the provided screw per the instruction sheet. Critical Note: Installing the tension device with to much tension will make it hard for the ball stop to pass through and could cause chain breakage.

STEP 3: Positioning Ball Stop:

Ball stops have been supplied with your shade, which will be mounted on the chain to establish a top and bottom stopping point. Raise shade to the up most position of your choosing. Install the first ball stop on the top link of the chain; just before it enters the chain guide. Use a pair of pliers to pinch the ball stop onto the chain. Now lower the shade to the lowest position and install the second ball stop.

Critical Note: To insure you install ball stop on the correct side of chain watch the chain as you are raising shade and install first ball stop on the side of chain that is going up into chain guide, the second ball stop will be located on the opposite side of the chain.

Installation and Care Instructions: Clutch Operated Roller Shade with Fascia

STEP 4: Installing Fascia (Shades with Fascia ONLY)

To install fascia simply hook the long side of the fascia over the top of the fascia bracket and then snap bottom side onto the bottom of the fascia bracket. Check to insure both ends of the fascia are secure to the fascia bracket.

STEP 5: Install Bracket Covers.

If your shade is mounted inside the window cavity you will most likely not use a bracket cover.

For all other shades, snap covers onto end of bracket. When using fascia bracket covers, match the studs on the cover to the holes in bracket before snapping on.

Chain Operated Clutch Operating Instructions

It is strongly recommended to use two hands when operating (raising or lowering) the shade.

Lowering the Shade Pull the back chain (closest to the window glazing) down until the bead stop ball on the chain loop stops at the shade bracket and the shade hembar is approximately 1/2” above the window sill.

Raising the Shade Pull the front chain (furthest from the window glazing) down until the bead stop ball on the chain loop stops at the shade bracket and the shade hembar is at the top of the window.

Preventing Chain Breakage and Clutch Damage It is important to always use two hands when pulling on the bead chain. Pull the chain straight down. Do not under any circumstances pull the bead chain at an angle. Pulling the bead chain at an angle creates unnecessary pressure and strain on the bead chain and clutch. This action inhibits the intended operation of the clutch and can cause the shade to break. When lowering the shade, do not let go of the bead chain as this action can cause the shade to lower quickly causing harm to the clutch or bead chain breakage. Allowing the bead chain to glide through the operators hands with gentle pressure assists in controlling the speed at which the shade will lower or raise. 

Installation of the Chain Safety Tension Device To prevent chain breakage and clutch damage as well as promoting product safety, it is imperative that the Chain Safety tension device shipped with every chain operated clutch shade be installed to the wall or window mullion. The Chain Safety tension device should be installed so that the bead chain and bead stop balls move smoothly through the opening of the device. Each chain operated clutch operated roller shade is shipped from the factory with the Chain Safety tension device pre-installed on the bead chain. Removal of this device or failure to properly install it, can cause damage to the clutch lifting mechanism and will result in the voidance of the product’s limited lifetime warranty.

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Roller Shades can be easily cared for by simply using soapy water or a mild cleaning solution on spots. However, try a small area first. Harsh household cleaners or detergents may cause damage to fabric or loss of color. It is our recommendation to dust the rails and fabrics of the shades on a regular basis.


Roller Shade
motorized with curved or square fascia
Roller Shade
motorized without fascia
Roller Shade
with curved or square fascia
Roller Shade
clutch without fascia