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Things to Consider Before Buying:

  • Room Type
  • Decorating Style
  • Material
  • Color
  • Specialty Shapes and Design Options
  • Privacy & Light Control
  • View-Through
  • Operating Systems
  • Pricing
  • Measurement and Installation

Planning Checklist
To find the right window covering solution for your home, print out this checklist and answer these simple questions to determine your window covering needs. When finished, share the information with your professional designer or retail store associate. If choosing window coverings for more than one room, make as many copies of this page as you need.

In which room is the window located?
Living Room, Family Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Nursery, Home Office, Hall/Entryway Other

How will the space you are decorating be used?
Work, Relaxation, Entertaining, Formal Dining, Informal Dining, Sleeping, Other

What is the style of décor in room/home?
Traditional, Contemporary, Country, Casual, Eclectic, Don't know, Other

What is the overall mood you wish to convey?
Casual, Comfortable, Elegant, Sophisticated, Other

Are the windows the focal point of the room, or are they a component of the background?

Which are your favorite colors or patterns?

Do you prefer a fabric window covering?
Yes, No

What size is the room?
____ Width X ____ Length

How many windows/doors are there in the room?
____ Windows ____Doors

Do you want to coordinate window coverings with windows in an adjacent room?
Yes, No

How many windows in the room and are all the windows the same shape?
If you have a room with both windows and doors, consider using vertical blinds with coordinating 2" horizontal blinds. Several of our products come with specialty shapes, such as arches and various geometric shapes, as well.

Are there children or pets in the home?
Yes, No
If yes, If so, be sure to consider cordless products for safety purposes.

What level of privacy do you desire?
Minimum Moderate Maximum
How safe and secure you feel in your home may be directly related to your window treatments. We offer a complete range of products in a variety of privacy levels, from sheer to total privacy. Plus, some rooms may require more privacy than others, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

What is window's exposure?
North, South, East, West
If it has a southern or western exposure, the room could heat up more than you want, or the glare could fade furnishings and affect viewing of your TV or computer. We have many energy-efficient products designed to eliminate these concerns.

How much light control do you need?
Minimum Moderate Maximum
If light control is an issue, consider horizontal or vertical blinds - you can redirect the light or change the complexion of a room by rotating or tilting the slats or louvers.

Do you want to maintain a full view?
Yes, No
If yes, consider the Bottom Up/Top Down option available on cellular, roman, pleated and natural shades. It allows you to lower the shade from the top to let in natural light while retaining the view and still providing necessary privacy.

Is energy efficiency a concern?
Yes, No

Do you open the window frequently? Is ease of cleaning a concern?
Yes, No
Always consider the function of the window as well as the design. If you are opening and closing the window often, wood blinds may be too heavy and while they are beautiful, you may wish to consider a lighter blind or shade.

Are there interfering factors to consider?
Window Cranks, Window A/C, Baseboard Heaters, Light Switches, Electrical Sockets, Crown Moldings, Beams, Chair Rails, Other

Do you have any specialty shaped windows?
Yes No
If yes, what shapes?

What are your window's measurements?
_____" wide x _____" high

Inside Mount?
(Mounted and "tucked" inside the window frame)

Outside Mount?
(Mounted on the wall to cover the window and window frame.)
See Measuring Instructions for help.

Once you've answered these questions, you're ready to start your window treatment journey! We have the right solution for your window covering needs.