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What makes a Smart Shade?

United Shade Contract offers shades with advanced designs and technology for exceptional performance, reliability and durability.

Heavy-duty 17-gauge tubes that easily support heavy fabrics and wider spans. (All shades)

Multi-opacity solar screens which filter UV rays and heat while permitting selective light to pass.

No-flap braking mechanisms that slow the shade as it reaches its final height. (Smart Rise)

Safe cordless operation to exceed school, childcare and residential requirements.
(Smart Rise)

Electromagnetically sealed hembars for silent operation and scratch-free window casings. (All shades)

Energy-reducing aluminized and perforated materials to reflect both radiant and conductive heat.

Fully adjustable recoil speed and stop height to customize shade height and retraction. (Smart Rise)

Multiple headrail styles to easily mount limited or difficult-to-access spaces. (Smart Lift and Smart Rise)